Imagine. Simply living.

We want to try the improbable, a different life. Close to nature and at her whim. Sailing. Living life. Simply living.

We want to imagine what the future will be like and we want to help shape it. How will we live in 50 years? Will we have found ways to sustain our thirst for energy? Or will we choose to scale back? What will we reduce or drop, what will we keep?

We worked throughout our lives satisfying jobs, as if they were hobbies. We had enough to eat and live and often we compromised, but even then tried to find a moral silver lining to live by. When we felt too complacent or too comfortable, we changed things up. Our life has taught us, that we like challenges, the more difficult the better. Keeps us young and on our toes.

A couple of years ago, we decided to scale way back and live on a boat. Talking about shaking things up! Even for adventurous souls, this has been a challenge. It has allowed us to experience ourselves and life in a new way.

The Imagine is a small boat by modern standards. Built in 1969, she was built as a state of the art racer/ cruiser and still today holds her place amongst desired blue water boats. The Imagine is old school. She fit our budget and is exactly what we were looking for. We didn't want to replicate what we had on land, we were looking to change everything.

We hope this to be an inspiration.

Come join us on our adventure!


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About us

Radu grew up in Romania during the communist regime at the port city of Galati on the Danube River. His father was the financial brain behind the shipbuilding industry Romania's and Radu build electronics for container ships and spend months at sea​,​ making sure they worked. After the revolution​,​ he was free to follow his true love,​ ​music, got his schooling in sound engineering in Germany and opened the first privately owned recording studio in Romania. Later, after a successful run for several years​,​ he got the opportunity to immigrate to the US, ​he​ added graphic design and video recording and editing to his arsenal, which eventually brought him to Los Angeles.

Katja grew up in Hamburg, Germany, also by a river and a large port. Her dad took her sailing​,​ when he came to visit​,​ and enlisted her in his yacht club, Rhe, for sailing lessons. Rather than becoming a full time sailor, she went on to study philosophy, history and media and later fine arts at CalArts in California. She became a ​photographer and a ​landscape designer​. She got involved in sustainable landscape design, designing gardens in Los Angeles and Romania and lectured for European Green Building Councils on sustainable landscape design and installation.

We met online. Where else and what a cliche that ​four​ out of ten people​,​ who are getting married these days​,​ have met online. We met in Los Angeles (thank you Craig's List!), lived in Bucharest and Berlin for several years before moving back to the US to San Diego​. Living near the ocean awakened a deeply buried dream to sail the oceans.
In January of 2014, we met a captain, circumnavigator and teacher, who moved us closer to attaining the dream and made us understand that it could be possible. She showed us boats, taught us what we should look for in a boat and to asses our needs and tastes. Thank you, Leslie! And here we are.

We hope you will enjoy our entries on what we see and experience, tips and articles on places we cruised to and interviews with fellow cruisers.


Katja and Radu