Practical Things on Board: BOAT KEEPING

A list of practical things for boat keeping that work for us:

Vinegar – disinfectant and cleaner for galley and head. Spray the outside of a loaf of bread to prevent fast molding.

Distilled Water – clean the strataglass of the dodger with distilled water and a microfiber cloth only.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap – best biodegradable soap for body and boat diluted with water. link here

Baking Soda – for stubborn stains or dirt, apply on surface and spray on top a soap/water cleaning solution.

Lemon Oil – for wood and varnished surfaces, even makes stainless shine, great fresh smell.

Microfiber Boat Towels – take up little space, high absorbency, fast drying, great for drying off the stainless on deck. link here




This list of practical things onboard is of things we found that work for us. We researched, listened to hot tips from other cruisers and tried them out the last two years while cruising in Southern California and Pacific Mexico.

We have not received sponsoring by these companies, nor do we suggest these particular items. We don’t suggest buying them from the links, they are meant solely as a reference.

We will be updating this list as we go along.

Written May 2017/ Latest update November 2017