Practical Things on Board for Dogs.

A list of practical things for having a dog onboard:

Puppy Potty Training Pad and Tray  – works for dogs of all ages, larger dogs only squat their behind on the tray, , which contains the pee.  link here

Dehydrated Dog Food – true space saver, rehydrate with water to about double the amount. This food is also human grade.  link here

Medical Emergency Kit – Ask your vet for an emergency kit for your dog.

For old dogs you might also want to take an euphanisia kit, although we found in Mexico that there is always a low cost vet nearby.




This list of practical things onboard is of things we found that work for us. We researched, listened to hot tips from other cruisers and tried them out the last two years while cruising in Southern California and Pacific Mexico.

We have not received sponsoring by these companies, nor do we suggest these particular items. We don’t suggest buying them from the links, they are meant solely as a reference.

We will be updating this list as we go along.

Written May 2017/ Latest update November 2017