Practical Things on Board: PERSONAL HYGIENE.

A list of practical things onboard for personal hygiene that work for us:

Wet wipes – Good also for cat baths under way. These are made out of bamboo, are biodegradable and stay fresh for a long time, at least one year. link here

Dr. Bronner’s Soap – best biodegradable soap for body and boat diluted with water. link here

Vinegar as deodorant – Friends of ours swear by this. Put in small spray bottle, spray on a little bit and smell dissipates immediately. It’s anti-fungal capacities make vinegar a natural deodorant.

Nopoo (No Shampoo) & shampoo – some people do it, on the boat I can go up to 4 days without washing my hair. If shampoo, we use this product which foams with little water and washes out fast.

Baking Soda – as tooth paste.

Olive Oil – as make-up remover.

Electric Shaver – makes more sense, because uses no water, goes a long time on one charge.




This list of practical things onboard is of things we found that work for us. We researched, listened to hot tips from other cruisers and tried them out the last two years while cruising in Southern California and Pacific Mexico.

We have not received sponsoring by these companies, nor do we suggest these particular items. We don’t suggest buying them from the links, they are meant solely as a reference.

We will be updating this list as we go along.

Written May 2017/ Latest update November 2017