Practical Things on Board: WATER & WATER PROOFING

A list of practical things onboard all about water & water proofing:

Aquaboot Sprayer – large vacuum pump button on the bottle, long spray time saves water on washing dishes to cooling mist showers.  link here

LifeProof Cases – for phones, iPads are a lifesaver, although we have not tested them in the water, they keep our electronics going for over 2 years.  link here

Waterproof Backpack (Drybag Closure) – very sturdy, heavier than the Duffle bag, very waterproof.   link here

Waterproof Duffle Bag (Drybag Closure) – folds small, holds a lot from laundry to provisions dry in the dinghy. link here

Waterproof Handbag (Drybag Closure) – life saver of phones, wallets etc. on wet dinghy rides. I have several, in different sizes and colors, take them to towns, on flights, anywhere… link here

Space Dryer – soak up moisture, we have them in different sizes in closets, drawers and the fridge. Put in hot sun or bake in oven when it gets pink, sign that it looses absorption capacity.   link here

Water Tester – to test drinking water at marinas and for product water made with a water maker.  link here

Chlorine Test kit – to test input water for water maker and for water to clean the strata-glass of the dodger with, both don’t want any chlorine!  link here

Water Filter on Hose – we filter water coming into tanks with this filter.  link here

Potable Water Hose – specially made for filling drinking water tanks.   link here

Expandable Water Hose for non-potable use – takes up way less space, weighs half and doesn’t kink.  link here

Camping Shower – heats the water for showering in the sun, sturdiest we have tried so far.  link here

Small Spray Bottles – we have several 500ml/16 ounce bottles for cleaning solutions I mix, for water and for vinegar.



This list of practical things onboard is of things we found that work for us. We researched, listened to hot tips from other cruisers and tried them out the last two years while cruising in Southern California and Pacific Mexico.

We have not received sponsoring by these companies, nor do we suggest these particular items. We don’t suggest buying them from the links, they are meant solely as a reference.

We will be updating this list as we go along.

Written May 2017/ Latest update November 2017