Project Cruiser’s Life 07: Marie-France Cantin + Mike Knapp on SV Déjàlà

07. Interview with Marie-France Cantin & Mike Knapp on SV Déjàlà/Canada.

Marie-France and Mike wanted a classic sailboat with high-tech brains. Carefully renovated, she has an electric engine and the most energy efficient systems available. Just after we had anchored in Bahía de los Ángeles we heard a call via VHF: ‘Imagine, Imagine. This is Déjàlà’. We had already noticed Déjàlà, our boats look so similar with their classic lines… The interview took place a couple of days later on SV Déjàlà in July of 2016.

Here the link to Marie’s blog

This is the 7th in a series of interviews with full time cruisers about their life, the reality of cruising, their experiences and dreams. When we started thinking about sailing around the world, we searched the internet for information on how it really is and we took every chance we got to talk to sailors and cruisers. While we were outfitting our boat in a marina in San Diego, we filmed our first interviews and continued after we cut the lines. The 11 questions frame what we wanted to know. We hope you find the information valuable and inspirational.

11 Questions for Cruisers

  1. Name, age, nationality?
  2. Boat name, size, type?
  3. Years of cruising? Coming from and going to?
  4. Motivation for cruising?
  5. Greatest moment?
  6. Scariest moment?
  7. Sacrifices and gains?
  8. Self-suffiency?
  9. Tip. What would you have done differently?
  10. Moment/day of leaving?
  11. Dream destination?

Enjoy! And a big thank you to all interviewees for their openness and candor!

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