There goes the dream?? Puff?? Have you had that happen to you, that you dreamt of a life and then you lived it and it turns out nothing like you imagined? Imagination is not grounded in experience and therefore living the dream is way different than imagined. No dream is based on reality, otherwise dreams would be called reality!

So, what is this impulse, which makes us want to live dreams, reality can never hope to deliver? Dreams are by definition perfect, daring, adventurous and always fun. We envision ourselves like a hero figure, enduring all kinds of adventures without getting tired, hungry, cranky or disappointed. In our dreams, all is all good all the time. We are humans and might not be able to live up to the dreams, we dream for ourselves. Sometimes, we come ill prepared, the reality is way harder than expected. Or simply, life happens and we run out of money, get sick, miss family. Do we then have to give up the dream?

With sailing around the world, it is no different. We buy the boat, outfit it and sail off into the adventure. We don’t know, if we can do it, we jump into the unknown. This leap of faith is admirable, but also blind. How will we cope with the realities of this adventure? Will we like it or sometimes imagine ourselves back home or at a desk? For sure, the reality of living our dream can be overwhelming, so much so, that often giving up seems to be the solution.

Puff goes the dream? We decided to adjust the dream to what is doable within our capabilities, our budget and other realities of life, like we want to be with our aging parents and visit family often, and want to develop a couple of hobbies, we picked up while cruising. We will slow down, make ‘dream slices’, if you will, more attainable and more livable. It is still the same dream, just a little more real!

The view at lunch. I do live a dream!