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SV IMAGINE in Detail.

  These are the specs of our Imagine. We bought her in November of 2014 and it took us 18 months to make her cruising ready, mostly because of a very limited…

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Imagine. Simply living.

On our yacht we want to try the improbable, a different life. Close to nature and at her whim. Sailing. Living.  We want to imagine how the future will be and how…

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  Radu grew up in Romania during the communist regime at the port city of Galati on the Danube River. His father was the financial brain behind the shipbuilding industry Romania’s and…

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SV Imagine at Two Harbors/ Catalina Island/ USA

SV Imagine. From Search to Ownership..

The search. A very emotional process. We fell in love with our Alberg 37 the first moment we saw a picture of her on the internet. The decision to invest in her, more money than originally…

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Airhead Story 2

The Airhead Story

Boat plumbing nightmare – Thursday 5 FEB 2015 Just ordered our Airhead composting head (toilet). I am elated. Can’t remember ever being so happy about buying a toilet. We moved on the…

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