Who We Are

Radu was born and raised in Romania during the communist regime at the port city of Galati on the Danube River. His father was one of the financial brains behind Romania’s shipbuilding industry and Radu built electronic equipment for container ships and spent months at sea making sure they worked. After the Romanian revolution he was free to follow his true love, music, and studied sound engineering in Germany. Shortly after he and his brother opened the first privately owned recording studio in Romania. After a successful run for several years, he got the opportunity to immigrate to the US, added graphic design, video recording and editing to his arsenal, which eventually brought him to Los Angeles.

Katja grew up in Hamburg, Germany, also by a river and a large port. Her dad took her sailing when he came to visit and enlisted her in his yacht club, Rhe, for sailing lessons. Rather than becoming a full time sailor, she went on to study philosophy, history and media and later fine arts at CalArts in California. She became a landscape designer and involved in sustainable landscape design, designing gardens in Los Angeles and Romania, and lectured for European Green Building Councils on sustainable landscape design and installation.

Radu and Katja met online. Where else and what a cliche that four out of ten people getting married these days have met online. We met in Los Angeles (thank you Craig’s List!), lived in Bucharest and Berlin for several years before moving back to the US to San Diego to be closer to Radu’s grandson. Living near the ocean and amidst marinas full of yachts awakened a deeply buried dream to sail the oceans.

In January of 2014 we met a captain, circumnavigator and teacher, who moved us closer to reaching the dream and made us understand that it could be possible. She showed us boats, taught us what we should look for in a boat and to asses our needs and tastes. Thank you, Leslie! And here we are.

We hope that you enjoy our entries on what we see and experience on our travels, tips and articles on places we cruised to and interviews with fellow cruisers.


Katja and Radu

PS: Our dog Samba left us July of 2016 in Santa Rosalia and we lost our companion sailor, salty girl and commentator. We left her blog up for all dog lovers… link here